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House of Attitudes wishes to make each guest's visit a pleasant and comfortable one. In order to provide a relaxed atmosphere, we ask that cell phones and electronic devices be on silent (or low volume) and phone calls during your service be avoided - unless necessary. Breaking from your service for phones calls can take away from the amount of time needed to provide the service intended.


We truly love children. Because of this, we kindly ask that younger children not booked for a service are not accompanying you for your service. The salon is not a safe place for children when they cannot be properly supervised. Depending on the service area you are in, there could be many sharp or hot tools, hair colours and disinfectants - among other usual dangers. We would be devastated if a child were to get hurt on the premises. We are more than happy to accommodate mama's with babes and will do our best to ensure that you are comfortable and able to feed and care for your bundle of joy! Many of us are also parents. We understand. 

Please arrive on time for your appointment. Although we completely understand that falling behind happens, arriving late can take away from your service. We typically have client's booked steadily throughout the day and we always do our absolute best to stay on time for everyone. Arriving late can affect another client's appointment and we may have to sacrifice parts of your service to be on time for others scheduled. We will always do everything within our power to give you the full service.


We ask that a minimum 2 full business days notice of cancellation or rescheduling is provided. There is usually a waiting list of clients who would appreciate notice that an appointment has become available, also it gives the stylist an opportunity to fill in their day. A deposit when booking a colour/larger service that requires a substantial amount of time may be required or if may be necessary if there has been a history of cancellations. This is simply to ensure that we receive a significant amount of notice and to do our best to keep our stylists generating income for themselves.

We understand that emergencies and unplanned events pop up, these deposits are 100% refundable or transferrable if the request/cancellation is made with at least 2 full business days notice from the appointment date/time scheduled, OR if we are able to fill the appointment time slot. If we are not given at least 2 business days notice (or if we are not able to fill the spot with less notice), we will not be able to provide a refund on the deposit. For your protection, credit card information is not written down or filed in our software. 

Although we take every precaution when applying your colour, we ask that clients receiving a service understand that colour can travel and can get into areas that we have draped. Because of this, it is always best to wear clothing that is unlikely to cause upset if stained. We can provide you with a kimono to change into that can be worn under your cape if warmth or risk of staining is a concern. The stylist and/or the salon will not be held responsible for damaged clothing/property.

With our hair services we will always do our best to meet the clients needs. On occasion, hair can be uncooperative and not go as planned. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your expectation of your hair goals are achievable and you are happy with your result. Some looks may take several visits to achieve and will require patience and commitment. If your stylist has been unable to create a look discussed and agreed upon, they will go over every option possible to adjust the colour or cut to ensure you're looking your best.


It is now policy that we do not issue refunds for services or heavily used home care products. Unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of business' to receive services and/or products for no cost and this policy has to be in place.  

Wedding parties will only be reserved once the wedding commitment contract has been signed and a deposit has been received to secure the date. Our salon manager will go over all of the details with you to ensure that your day runs smoothly and as stress free as possible! Unfortunately, due to our currently limited staff, we are only able to accommodate smaller wedding parties and have limited them to our clientele only. 


Extension clients, colour corrections, and sensitized hair services may require signing of a waiver prior to receiving that intended service. These services are taken seriously, and all precautions must be taken to ensure that the optimal results are achieved. The service provider will go over what the guest should expect during and after the appointment. Cost of service and continued maintenance will be discussed prior to the service. 

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