Please do not consume alcohol or blood thinners at least 24 hours prior to your treatment and refrain from moisturizing the area for 48 hours prior. Discontinue use of any products containing Retinol at least one week prior to your appointment. If you have an oily skin type, applying alcohol to the area, morning and night, a day or two prior to treatment is recommended.

Be sure to schedule your appointment carefully as there are activities and products that must be avoided post treatment. They are listed below.


You will be required to apply a barrier ointment for 7-10 days post treatment, as such, it is advised to allow at least two weeks between the procedure and an event. 



The initial appointment will include a thorough consultation. Upon agreement of the desired brow shape and colour, there will be a topical anesthetic (numbing ointment) applied and once you can be assured of little to no discomfort, the microblading will begin. The duration of each appointment is approximately 2 - 2.5 hours.

After the microblading is completed, you will have an opportunity to tweak the design by adding more strokes to desired areas and will be informed of proper aftercare. 

The eyebrows will appear darker, following the treatment, for 3-4 days and will require consistent application of a barrier ointment (supplied), which will give a glossier appearance for 7-10 days. Some experience some itching or redness during this time, which the barrier ointment will help alleviate. 

During these 7-10 days you must AVOID any type of peel, or products containing Retinol / Glycolic Acid, and any makeup over the treated areas. Keep the treated area away from direct water exposure, apply a thick layer of after care ointment prior to bathing. AVOID sweating, hot steam showers, long baths, saunas, jacuzzi tubs, swimming, direct sunlight, indoor tanning, soaps, creams and lotions. 

6-10 weeks after the initial appointment, once the brows are healed, a touch up ("perfection") appointment is strongly recommended to adjust any faded areas, or to go slightly darker if desired. Annual appointments are also recommended to maintain eyebrows, as this service does fade over time. 

Microblading, also known as feather touch eyebrows, brow embroidery, micro stroking or semi permanent brows, is a form of permanent makeup that has evolved over thousands of years and has recently grown to be one of the most sought after beauty services. Aside from the natural appearance, most individuals desire this method versus more traditional permanent makeup eyebrows, due to the simple fact that it fades. As hair colours, facial features and tones change with time, brows can as well. 



How is it performed?

Microblading is performed manually by a unique hand instrument with a very small row of extremely fine needles that deposit pigment (derived from organic and inorganic compounds) just below the epidermis layer of the skin with feathering strokes. This is a superficial deposit of pigment that fades out over time. This creates very fine, crisp hair strokes that do not obviously blur after healing. This service should ALWAYS be performed using sterile single use needles and it is crucial that the technician has received proper training in both technique and sterilization methods.

Does it hurt?

On a scale from 1-10, most would rate the discomfort level around a 1-3. It can be described as a "scratching" sensation, or a feeling similar to waxing/threading. A topical anesthetic will be applied prior to, and throughout the treatment to help ensure that discomfort is kept to a minimum. 

How long does it last?

Approximately 6-10 weeks after the initial treatment, a follow up / touch up appointment will be required to ensure that the final look is the correct colour/depth and to address any areas that might have faded out more than others. Microbladed brows may require a treatment approximately every 12 - 18 months to maintain a full and fresh look, but have lasted up to 3 years for some individuals.  

How do I know that I will like the results?

The technician will measure your eyebrows precisely to flatter your face shape and bone structure. They will draw an outline shape with a cosmetic pencil prior to the treatment, leaving the final decision up to you. Before the service is finished, you will have an opportunity to add more strokes/adjust the shape. 

Is there any reason I cannot be treated?

Those with a history of keloid scarring, diabetes, high blood pressure, hepatitis, HIV, Mitral Valve Prolapse, valve implants, cancer, lupus, recent cosmetic injections or those pregnant or nursing may not be eligible for treatment and must speak with the technician prior to scheduling any appointments. On the day of treatment there cannot be any open wounds or rashes in the area being treated. 

*Unfortunately, there is no licensing currently required for this service. It is up to the consumer to ensure that the technician is competent and well informed on all health and safety regulations; has been certified and insured; and takes the utmost care in providing this service. This is a serious procedure and should be treated as such. As an established salon and medi spa, we are trained not only in techniques but also advanced sanitization methods and use the highest grade of hospital disinfectants/sterilization. There are regular inspections performed on location from the Health Unit.