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Classic Manicure                                     

    The go-to manicure! Includes a warming soak, cuticle attention, nail shaping, buffing, polish application with a hydrating hand and     forearm massage. Everything you need to get your hands looking and feeling fresh. (Classic Mani without polish $25)

   30 minutes | $30

Spa Manicure

    Feeling a little extra? Our Spa Mani will do the trick. It includes everything that the Classic Mani brings to the table and raises it       a gentle exfoliation and smoothing, hydrating mask treatment to get your hands feeling extra soft and looking extra fresh. 

    45 minutes | $35

Classic Pedicure

    You have to love the classics. Our Classic Pedi includes a nice hot soak, exfoliating scrub, rough skin filing, cuticle attention,               callus attention (if needed), nail shaping, buffing, polish application with a hydrating foot and calf massage. (Classic Pedi without       polish $40)

    45-60 minutes | $45

Spa Pedicure

    Those poor feet, getting walked on all day. They deserve more love. Our Spa Pedicure will get them feeling and looking                      spectacular. It includes everything that the Classic Pedi offers plus a smoothing, hydrating mask treatment and some extra time        on exfoliation, rough skin filing and an extra long foot and calf massage.  

     60 minutes | $50

Hot Stone Pedicure

   This is a House of Attitudes FAVOURITE. We warn you, once you have one of these babies, you won't be going back to                         pedicures without stones. The Hot Stone Pedi includes everything you love about the Classic Pedi, with the addition of hot stones     working over your deserving feet and calves during the massage portion. This is a client fave for a reason. 

    60 minutes | $50

Classic Manicure + Classic Pedicure Pairing

    75-90 minutes | $65    

Spa Manicure + Spa Pedicure Pairing 

    1 hour 30-45 minutes | $75

SHELLAC Gel Manicure

     Take our Classic Mani and add up to 2-3 weeks for your polish! Our extra large selection of CND SHELLAC colours will never            leave you without the perfect tone. Keep your polish looking fresher longer. It's worth it!

     45-60 minutes | $45

Add Ons

    Add Hot Stones to any pedicure for only $5 

     Like that French look? Add it to any mani or pedi for an additional $10

     Nail Art is all hand painted and an additional $1-$5 per nail.